Erasmus of Rotterdam
Christine Christ-von Wedel

Erasmus of Rotterdam

A Portrait

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Erasmus of Rotterdam (1466/67–1536) remains, for good reason, the best-known humanist of his time. The impact of his Greek-Latin edition of the New Testament and his Bible can hardly be overstated. He influenced reformers, philosophers, politicians, literati, legal scholars, educators, artists and musicians in his own as well as in later centuries. He covered an astonishingly broad range of topics: war and peace, politics and human dignity, jurisdiction and philosophy of law, church music and homiletics, piety and common wisdom, style and manners, as well as questions of matrimony, gender and education. Indeed, Erasmine thought continues to influence European intellectual history to this day.

Christine Christ-von Wedel introduces Erasmus as a personality but also expands on his rich and multi-layered thinking and the struggles and longings in the age of Reformation characterised by his clashes with both Martin Luther and the Catholic establishment.

Reviews (translated) of the German version "Erasmus von Rotterdam. Ein Porträt":

"The Basler expert C. C. v.-W. shows the entire work and legacy of the great humanist in a light and entertaining form in a new little book.ˮ
bz Basel, Andreas Fahrländer, 11. Juli 2016.

"To read this biography, especially in our time, is a most worthwhile enterprise.ˮ
Das Historisch-politische Buch, Dietmar Herz, 2016.

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In 2015, Christine Christ-von Wedel received the prestigious Basel Wissenschaftspreis for her work on Humanism, Reformation and mission history. She is an honorary research fellow in the Faculty of Theology at the University of Basel and at the Institut für Schweizerische Reformationsgeschichte, University of Zurich. She is a highly respected Erasmus specialist, and her recent publications include the well-received book Erasmus of Rotterdam. Advocate of a New Christianity.

Albert de Pury grew up in Basel/Switzerland and taught Old Testament at the universities of Neuchâtel and Geneva. He holds honorary doctorates of the universities of Budapest (Károli Gáspár Univerity) and Zurich. Apart from being a specialist in Biblical literature, he has become a renowned cartoonist.