Les Trois Rois
Maximilian Triet, Anne Nagel, Michael Leuenberger

Les Trois Rois

Glimpses of the Past

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The grand Hotel Les Trois Rois, with its 325-year-long history, is one of the oldest hostelries in Europe still in existence. This first, richly illustrated monograph on Basel's most important hotel sheds light on the history and architecture of the hotel as well as its gastronomy and the daily business of running it.
From the very beginning Les Trois Rois was a meeting place for the elite of Europe and a favoured residence for important state visitors. The role of innkeepers in Basel is as carefully examined as the birth of travel by steamships on the Rhine and then the railways. The book, which draws on primary sources, offers a fascinating history of individuals and their cultural milieu.

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Erscheinungsdatum 22.11.2006


Michael Leuenberger, born 1964, studied history and philosophy in Basel. He works as a journalist, text writer and translator. In addition to his work in the corporate communications department of a company producing medicines and cosmetics, he is often on the trail of journalistic and historical traces.

Anne Nagel, lic. phil. I, born 1964 in Berlin, studied history of art and classical archaeology in Basel and Berlin. 1987-1993 she was academic assistant and curator ad int. at the Historical Museum Basel, 1995-1999 curator of the Toy, Village and Winegrowing Museum, Riehen, since 1999 she is author on artistic monuments for the canton Basel-City. Publications on arts and crafts, architecture and the history of gardens.

Maximilian Triet, Dr. phil., born 1941 in Neukirch (Egnach) TG, studied history, German philology and folkloristics in Basel. 1966/67 he was assistant to Prof. Hans Georg Wackernagel at the University of Basel, 1968-1980 editor in chief of the Matrikel-Edition, 1979-2004 director of the Swiss Sport Museum, Basel. He has organized numerous exhibitions and published diverse books and catalogues on the history of sport.