Michael Erler


An Introduction to his Practical Ethics and Politics

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This new introduction to Epicurus’ practical ethics and politics provides an overview of Epicurus’ attitudes towards political, religious and cultural traditions. Emphasising his claim that philosophy is an art of living that helps people to achieve individual happiness, the book pays special attention to Epicurus’ understanding of philosophy as caring for one’s own soul. It explains how this Epicurean self-care is connected with caring for others since a happy life requires security that can almost only be found in a community. Epicurus’ practical ethics includes a special appreciation of friendship and a conception of ‘politics’ which indeed focuses on caring for the souls of others. It thus stands firmly in the Socratic tradition. This understanding of practical ethics contributed significantly to the fact that, despite many hostilities, at least practical ethical aspects of Epicurus’ teachings were still discussed in the Greco-Roman Empire and sometimes even appreciated by early Christian philosophers.

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Michael Erler is Professor of Classical Philology at the University of Würzburg. His research focuses on Greek literature, Greek and Roman philosophy and the relation between ancient literature and philosophy. He was president of the International Plato Society, the Mommsen Society and the Society for Ancient Philosophy.