Phraseological Units: basic concepts and their application
International Cooper Series in English Language and Literature
Herausgegeben von D. J. Allerton, Willy Elmer, Balz Engler u.a.
8 D. J. Allerton, Nadja Nesselhauf, Paul Skandera

Phraseological Units: basic concepts and their application

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Phraseology, an established concept in central and eastern Europe, has in recent years received increasing attention in the English-speaking world. It has long been clear to language learners and teachers that a native speaker's competence in a language goes well beyond a lexico-semantic knowledge of the individual words and the grammatical rules for combining them into sentences; linguistic competence also includes a familiarity with restricted collocations (like break the rules), idioms (like spill the beans in a non-literal sense) and proverbs (like Revenge is sweet), as well as the ability to produce or understand metaphorical interpretations. The first five papers of this volume set out to define the basic phraseological concepts collocation, idiom, proverb, metaphor and the related one of compound (-word). The remaining six papers explore a series of issues involving analytic, quantitative, computational and lexicographic aspects of phraseological units. The volume, as a whole, is a comprehensive and comprehensible introduction to this blossoming field of linguistics.

Table of contents

Nadja Nesselhauf, What are collocations?

Paul Skandera, What are idioms?

Andreas Langlotz, What are metaphors?

Pius ten Hacken, What are compounds?

Albert Hamm, What are proverbs?

D. J. Allerton, The analysis of fixed expressions in a text

Michael Stubbs, A quantitative approach to collocations

Richard Matthews, Structural an collocational restrictions on complex premodifiers in noun phrases

Pierre Frath, Metaphor, polysemy and usage

Cornelia Tschichold, Idioms and collocations in computational linguistics

Lorenz Hofer and Regula Schmidlin, Variants of phraseological units in a dictionary of national varieties of Standard German 


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The editors:

D. J. Allerton was Professor of Modern English Linguistics at the University of Basle from 1980 to 2003. He is still doing research in a number of fields, e.g. he is continuing his study of Germanisms in American English.

Nadja Nesselhauf studied English and German Philologies in Freiburg i. Br. and Oxford. She was “Wissenschaftliche Assistentin” at the Department of English, Universität Basel and since 2013 is “Akademische Rätin” at the Department of English, Universität Heidelberg.

Paul Skandera studied English, Slawonic studies and musicology. Since 2002 he is FH-Professor at the Management Center Innsbruck.