Shifting Horizons
CR - Colloquia Raurica
Herausgegeben von Jürgen von Ungern-Sternberg, Peter Blome, Lucas Burkart u.a.
Vol. 17 Lucas Burkart, Beate Fricke (Hg.)

Shifting Horizons

A Line and Its Movement in Art, History and Philosophy

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What happens when horizons shift? More specifically, what occurs when that line, which in everyday experience appears so consistent and omnipresent, reveals itself to be contingent? And if the horizon line is mutable, what does that imply about the systems of knowledge, order, and faith that the seemingly immutable horizon appears to neatly delimit and order?

These are the questions that the volume of essays addresses, offering perspectives from multiple historical periods and disciplines that tackle instances in literature, history, and art in which shifts in conceptualizing the horizon made themselves manifest.

With contributions by Hans Aurenhammer, Shiben Banerji, Ingrid Baumgärtner, Seth Estrin, Peter Geimer, Eva Geulen, Madeleine Herren, Andreas Lammer, Niklaus Largier, Kailani Polzak, James I. Porter, Lorena Rizzo, Avinoam Shalem and Philip Ursprung.

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Lucas Burkart has been Professor of History at the University of Basel since 2012. His research focuses on medieval and Renaissance culture and society and on their global entanglements. Currently, he is also overseeing the completion of the critical edition of the works by Jacob Burckhardt.

Beate Fricke is Professor for Medieval Art at the University of Bern since 2017. Her research focuses on the history of sculpture, image theory and the veneration of images in the Middle Ages as well as on objects as archives, knowledge transfer and trade in the global «Middle Ages».