The Idea and Practice of Philosophy in Gilbert Simondon
Herausgegeben von Claus Beisbart, Christoph Halbig, Carole Maigné u.a.
Volume Jamil Alioui, Matthieu Amat, Carole Maigné (Hg.)

The Idea and Practice of Philosophy in Gilbert Simondon

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Gilbert Simondon is mainly known as a “philosopher of technology”. He certainly is, but this conventional categorization, centered on the supposed object of his philosophy, is often not helpful in grasping the true originality of Simondon’s approach to and understanding of philosophy and its history. Beyond keywords such as “technique” and “technology”, which serve as common thread for the abundant literature on Simondon, the aim of this collection is to scrutinize the idea and practice of philosophy in the work of Simondon. For this purpose, Simondon’s peculiar way of philosophizing is examined (part 1) in order to better de­termine its true objects (part 2), before some of its ethical and political effects and issues are reconsidered (part 3).

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Jamil Alioui holds a PhD in philosophy from the University of Lausanne, as well as a ECAL (École cantonale d’art de Lausanne) preparatory diploma for higher art schools. He currently teaches at high school and is involved in various associative projects, notably Arkhaï and the Groupe vaudois de philosophie.

After a PhD in philosophy on the work of Georg Simmel (University Paris 1, 2016) and a postdoc on the journal Logos and the birth of the philosophy of culture in Germany (University of Lausanne, 2017–2022), Matthieu Amat continues his research as an associate member of the “Pays Germaniques” research team (CNRS/PSL University).

Carole Maigné is Professor of General and Systematic Philosophy at the University of Lausanne. Her research focuses on the philosophy of culture, aesthetics and the philosophy of art.