The Human Territory
The Anyuak - Living on Earth in the Sky
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Vol. 2 Conradin Perner

The Human Territory

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The present second volume is showing the "Human Territory", where people enjoy the support and protection of the earth and lead their eternal life. The book concentrates on the people's respect for all matters of the earth and the vital notion of co-existence between the different inhabitants, people, animals and natural forces alike. Descriptions of the country, the village and the history of settlement complete the introduction to the Anyuak life "on earth in the sky". For the Anyuak the whole universe is one single spiritual sphere where different beings manifest their presence through visible or hidden, creative or destructive activities.
While the first volume of the monograph on the Anyuak was introducing to the essentially inhuman, metaphysical "sphere of the above", the second volume is showing "the sphere of the below", where the humans have to share the same territory with animals and different natural forces. The volume on the "human territory" therefore opens a spiritual world of an earthly essence where human beings can find shelter, food, water and spiritual support if only they respect it and care for it.  

Die Beschreibung von Land, Dorf und Siedlung vervollständigen die Einleitung zum Leben der Anyuak „on earth in the sky“. Für die Anyuak ist das ganze Universum eine einzige spirituelle Sphäre, in der unterschiedliche Wesen ihre Anwesenheit durch sichtbare oder unsichtbare, schöpferische oder zerstörerische Tätigkeiten deutlich machen.

Während der erste Band der Monographie über die Anyuak eine Einleitung zur gerade nicht-menschlichen, metaphysischen Sphäre des Himmels war, zeigt der zweite Band die irdische Sphäre, in der sich die Menschen ihr Gebiet mit den Tieren und verschiedenen Naturkräften teilen müssen. Der Band über das „Human Territory“ eröffnet deshalb eine spirituelle Welt von irdischer Substanz, in der Menschen einen Ort finden, der Schutz, Nahrung, Wasser und göttliche Hilfe bietet, sofern sie mit ihm verantwortungsvoll umgehen.  

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Conradin Perner is a Swiss scholar with professional experiences in the fields of literature, ethnography, peace-building and humanitarian work. He lectured at a number of African and European universities and worked as a delegate, consultant and advisor in Africa and Asia for the International Committee of the Red Cross, Unicef, Unesco and the Swiss Foreign Department. Since January 2000, C. Perner took an important part in the peace-making processes in the Sudan, first as a Commander of the Joint Military Commission in Kauda in the Nuba Mountains and subsequently as a special senior advisor to the Swiss Government.

For his fight for the respect and the dignity of the people of South Sudan during the long years of Civil War, for the crucial role he played in the dramatic rescue operation of the so-called “lost boys” and, last but not least, for his significant role in the promotion of peaceful co-existence amongst the various ethnic communities in the Sudan, his personal engagement in the restoration of cultural values and the enhancement of human rights, C. Perner has earned the respect of all Sudanese, as an experienced scholar, a courageous humanist as well as a trusted friend. The most prominent project initiated by him is the website which provides unbiased information on the peoples and cultures of South Sudan.