Our Posthuman Past
Posthuman Studies
Herausgegeben von Stefan Lorenz Sorgner
Vol. David Edward Rose

Our Posthuman Past

Transhumanism, Posthumanism and Ethical Futures

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Technological advances directly affect the human being’s material existence and its self-understanding. The Enlightenment’s intentional agent is, due to specific technologies, undergoing a fundamental transformation. Yet, if the ideological basis of this understanding, the justness of social luck, is not rejected, then a new understanding of the "subject" which would avoid unfreedom in the territorialization of the digital world is made impossible. This book offers a novel Hegelian reading of the posthuman discipline in order to propose a new subjectivity.

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Reihe Posthuman Studies
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David Rose is Professor of Social Ethics at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. His major research interests concern cultural issues grounded in the history of ideas, particularly the writings of Hegel and Vico, and more generally in counter-enlightenment ethical thought.