The Superfluity of the Human
Posthuman Studies
Herausgegeben von Stefan Lorenz Sorgner
Vol. 6 Žarko Paić

The Superfluity of the Human

Reflections on the Posthuman Condition

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The author claims that concerning the “progress” and “development” of the technoscientific mind in the application of artificial intelligence, the anthropological definition of man has become not only outdated and ineffective, but “man” has become “superfluous” for the logic of the digital age. He develops his argumentative assumptions, critically confronting numerous approaches to this problem, from Heidegger, Severino, G. Anders, Deleuze, Simondon, and Wiener. By showing how the prospects of future philosophy presuppose technological singularity and extropy, the link between posthumanism and transhumanism, the author raises the question of the possibility of thinking differently from metaphysics within the labyrinth of language.

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Žarko Paić is Professor at the University of Zagreb, where he teaches courses in Aesthetics and Media Theory. His publications include White Holes and the Visualization of the Body, Art and the Technosphere and The Return of Totalitarianism.