Jerusalem: Faces of a City
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The appearance of a city is shaped by buildings and remnants accumulated over the centuries by each ruling elite. Judaism, Christianity and Islam, each with various rulers, have left their imprints and have contributed to the city’s common heritage. For all three faiths, Jerusalem is the place of higher spirituality; over centuries, their quarrel for supremacy has been a historical constant. Each period in the turbulent history of the city has left its traces and has contributed a facet to her appearance. It is the multitude of civilizations that makes this city special and the mosaic of traditions which only as a whole yields a comprehensive picture.

This book presents Jerusalem’s cultural heritage in pictures and short texts, setting it in a historical context. All texts are written in Hebrew, English and Arabic in order to pay respect to all religions and civilizations that have shaped the face of this unique place.

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Lukas Landmann is Professor Emeritus of Anatomy and Histology at the University of Basel. His Israeli and Swiss citizenship extends beyond his residence in Basel and Jerusalem and emphasises not only his geographical connections, but also his knowledge of the city of Jerusalem. Having photographed cells throughout his professional life, he pursued other subjects after his retirement and has released three illustrated books: Basel in Bildern, Basel Illustrated (2010), Der Birs entlang, au cours de la Birse (2012), Kostbarkeiten der/Trésors de la Petite Camargue Alsacienne (2016, with H. Durrer).