The Influence of Petrus Ramus.
Schwabe Philosophica
Herausgegeben von Helmut Holzhey, Wolfgang Rother
Vol. I Joseph S. Freedman, Wolfgang Rother, Mordechai Feingold (Hg.)

The Influence of Petrus Ramus.

Studies in Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century Philosophy and Sciences

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The volume originated in a workshop, held in the Bibelsaal of the Herzog August Library of Wolfenbüttel and devoted to an examination of the influence of Petrus Ramus. The papers, revised for publication, deal with the diverse use made of Ramus both by followers and adversaries in the religious and scholarly controversies that raged throughout (mainly) Protestant Europe during the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. In terms of organization the volume is divided along regional and thematic issues. The impact of Ramist ideas on Calvinism informs a first group of papers concentrating on various Reformed territories: Switzerland (Wolfgang Rother), the Netherlands (Theo Verbeek), Bremen and Gdansk (Thomas Elsmann). A second group examines Lutheran responses to Ramus: Joseph Freedman analyzes Melanchthon’s view, Riccardo Pozzo evaluates the criticism by the Helmstedt Aristotelians, and Erland Sellberg scrutinizes Ramus’ reception at the Swedish universities. Two further contributions probe the Ramist debate in the British Isles: in England (Mordechai Feingold) and in Ireland (Elizabethanne Boran). The section devoted to thematic issues places Ramus within Renaissance disciplines where his impact was most keenly felt: logic and literature (Kees Meerhoff), historiography and jurisprudence (Guido Oldrini), law and medicine (Ian Maclean), and astronomy (Nicholas Jardine and Alain Segonds). 


Wolfgang Rother, Ramus and Ramism in Switzerland

Theo Verbeek, Notes on Ramism in the Netherlands

Thomas Elsmann, The Influence of Ramism on the Academies of Bremen and Danzig: A Comparison

Joseph S. Freedman, Melanchthon’s Opinion of Ramus and the Utilization of Their Writings in Central Europe

Riccardo Pozzo, Ramus’ Metaphysics and its Criticism by the Helmstedt Aristotelians

Erland Sellberg, The Usefulness of Ramism

Mordechai Feingold, English Ramism: A Reinterpretation

Elizabethanne Boran, Ramism in Trinity College, Dublin in the Early Seventeenth Century

Kees Meerhoff, “Beauty and the Beast”: Nature, Logic and Literature in Ramus

Guido Oldrini, The Influence of Ramus’ Method on Historiography and Jurisprudence

Ian Maclean, Logical Division and Visual Dichotomies: Ramus in the Context of Legal and Medical Writing

Nicholas Jardine and Alain Segonds, A Challenge to the Reader: Ramus on Astrologia without Hypotheses  

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The editors:

Prof. Joseph S. Freedman, born in 1946, is Associate Professor at Alabama State University.

Prof. Mordechai Feingold is Professor of History at California Institute of Technology, Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Prof. Wolfgang Rother is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Zürich.